How to draw

Why should parents teach children to draw?

By learning to draw children to improve the dexterity of hands, increase the aesthetic ability or develop imagination, creativity.

Many studies suggest that painting is one of the intellectual activities that help the intelligence of the baby grow.

When drawing, children are stimulated to observe, help children raise awareness and visual development, promote motor skills, understanding space, promote imagination, learn animals How to draw a cute dog … All this will motivate the young brain. It is also a channel to express thoughts, thoughts as well as form the ability to feel the beauty of children and become a beauty in childhood.

Practicing skillful hands

Painting is also a way to practice fine movement, coarse motion for young hands. From 1 to 2 years old, the child can use his or her hand to scuttle the favorite lines, reported Young Knowledge.

At an older age, children can practice their hands with more accurate images. This will indirectly help the writing as well as writing when children enter class 1 in a milder way than their parents.

Memory training

Imagine, if a child draws a fish, the child will have to remember how the fish looks, including the parts. From simple to complex, these activities will help children gradually develop memory, while increasing the ability to observe.

When playing with children, parents can guide children to remember as rabbits with long ears, green leaves or flowers. Through these observations, the memory as well as the ability to observe the child gradually developed well. Along with that, children will be extremely excited about these activities.

Develop aesthetics

Choosing the right color, harmony helps children recognize the beauty. Thereby, parents can recognize the gifted, aesthetic mind of children, the report said.

From simple initial drawings, gradually, when the child has learned to think clearly, the child will be able to turn the simple streak into masterpiece.

Increase imagination, creativity

Perhaps we adults have to admit that the imagination, the creative ability of children is boundless, no one can match. Sometimes, with just one thing, a simple element, but through the child’s innocence and innocence, they can turn into interesting things.

Accordingly, every child has the potential of creativity, the creativity of children is not the same as the creativity of adults. In my painting always contains innocence, in the right with my age. So sometimes parents will be surprised when they hear about the meaning of the picture.

Helps brain development

Drawing will help the brain work to perceive, define colors, shapes, positions space and is conducive to intellectual development, helping children more intelligent.

In the drawing, the imagination of the child will continue to break the stereotype. After seeing the new look of things, children will continue to be inspired to create more, Young intellectuals said.

Emotional expression

Drawing is considered a channel of communication with the world around the child. Strokes innocent, innocent, but very essential in the process of forming the ability to sense the beauty and creative ability of children. From the paintings, the picture is the emotional, emotional is the dream that the child has shown on the page.

Especially for children with autism, the pictures are the way to make them feel safer and more confident. It is not surprising that in these special children’s environments, painting is so advanced.

Drawing activities help children feel excited, expressed themselves. Therefore, children will be happy to see their work and show it to everyone. Especially, when you are engrossed in drawing, parents will be able to work peacefully without fear of harming children again.

You can teach children how to draw drawings, draw anime, how to draw cartoon, … video tutorial and step by step guide on the website:



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