Crazy Zombie v3.0 – Free online game

Crazy Zombie, Fight zombies in a arcade fighting style. Make good use of different capabilities and features of characters to fend off those zombies one by one.

Crazy-Zombie-v3.0 - free online game - games tua3

How to play Crazy Zombie v3.0?

This game can be played by 1 player or 2 players.

player1: Move: W, A, S, D And Attack: U, I, J, K, L.

player2:  Attack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

This is an online game that requires a combination of attacking skills and fast-paced zombies.

this is a cool action-packed action game with many interesting challenges. I am very happy to play games and I can play alone or with friends to entertain.



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